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At TEESIR, we believe that every single employee has the potential to be an agent of positive change. We practice what we believe to be responsible and sustainable activities, and be a catalyst for change in our industry and the communities where we are active.

TEESIR believes that outstanding business performance must be achieved through practices that are ecologically sustainable and based on the well being for and integrity of its employees and communities. It is possible to generate prosperity and growth, deliver outstanding quality, as well as improve the livelihood of people without diminishing the chances for future generations.

“e-Culture” Our TEESIR Culture

•Ethics – The strength and character of the TEESIR organization come from the fact that each individual is expected to maintain impeccable ethical behavior under all circumstances. We want to be (known as) a company that is honest, reliable and trustworthy. We shall follow our own conscience, respect other peoples properties especially regarding intellectual capital and always obey the law.

•Environment – As individuals and as an organization, we have a responsibility towards the environment. Through sustainable practices we make efforts to contribute to the improvement of the overall health of the planet that we have inherited.

•Exploration – TEESIR is committed to continually add value and seek solutions to problems by investing in R&D, technology, innovative processes and people. Discovering new ways of doing things and questioning the status quo are qualities that are encouraged. We want to deliver compelling value to our customers by constantly exploring possibilities in making a difference to their business.

•Excellence – We strive for always delivering the very best. At TEESIR excellence is a continuous quest in every sphere of our activities. We are always looking out to learn from internally as well as from others, and make every effort to become more efficient and effective in the work we do.

•Education – We put a strong emphasis on education and discovery through knowledge management, sharing and dissemination. We want to excel through the opportunities the information economy provides and the training and development activities TEESIR supports. We also want to help those in our communities who are less fortunate to get an education.