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  • Quotation


    日期: 2018/01/06 | 分类: FAQ

    Q: 1) What kind of products can be ordered in teesir? A: teesir produces different kinds of products, mainly T-shirt, Polo shirt, sportswear, sweater, jacket, zip-up, vest, vest jacket, windbreaker, zip-up sweater, towel, shorts, pants, causal bottoms, sports bottoms, company uniform, aprons, ...
  • Size


    日期: 2018/01/06 | 分类: FAQ

    Q: 1) Will there be size deviations in actual garment produced when compare to the marker? A: Yes, usually it will be within +/-0.5” to +/-1.0”. Many hand-made procedures are involved in textile (uniform, apparel) production process, thus we cannot compare textiles products with those produc...
  • Color


    日期: 2018/01/06 | 分类: FAQ

    Q: 1) Will fabric color exactly the same if we apply the same dyeing formula and conditions? A: The answer it no, even we apply the same dyeing formula and conditions in each time, there are still shade-band difference (color deviation from different dying lots). It is because there are unco...
  • Functional


    日期: 2017/12/30 | 分类: FAQ

    Q: 1) What are the special functions applied on garment? A: There are four special functions applied on garments: Anti-UV Anti-UV garments are able to reflect UV radiation avoiding direct contact with our skin. High absorbance and wicking properties Auxiliaries are added to garments to inc...
  • Quality


    日期: 2017/12/30 | 分类: FAQ

    Q: 1) Do garments, clothes, apparels, and uniform shrink? A: Definitely. Shrinkage can be found on garments after washing as it is a nature property of textile materials. For example, T-shirt, Polo shirt, vest and other garment styles which are mainly made of 100% cotton which has shrinkage ...
  • Direct to Garment Printing

    Direct to Garment Printing

    日期: 2017/12/29 | 分类: FAQ

    What is Direct to Gament Printing? Direct to Garment printing, or DTG printing, is a process by which a digital image is printed directly onto your apparel using the newest technology in apparel printing. This process allows us to print any quantity order with highly detailed full color de...