Fleece 320g cotton


The above fabricis mainly applied in Sweater / Zipup / Hoodie / Pullover

The above colorswatch is for on screen viewing reference which may appear different fromactual color swatch, pls. contact Teesir or visit our company to check out the actual color.

Zip-up, Hoody,Sweater:

Zip-up (zip up),jackets, pull-over (pull over) and fleece jacket and sweater uniforms are mostcommonly purchased by different companies as staff uniform, by non-governmentalorganization (NGO) as campaign and event uniform, by university as hostel(hall) uniform, by charity organization and church as participants’ uniform.

Teesir provides different designs and tailor-madethese kind of uniform wear (apparels) with relatively low cost and high quality(good handfeel, comfortable, better shrinkage and washing resistant). Customerscan always self-made their designs, and choose different styles.

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