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question and answer for garment quality

Q: 1) Will fabric color exactly the same if we apply the same dyeing formula and conditions?
A: The answer it no, even we apply the same dyeing formula and conditions in each time, there are still shade-band difference (color deviation from different dying lots). It is because there are uncontrollable dyeing factors like water quality, fabric quality, color absorptions. Normally, color deviation between different dyeing lots may vary with 5%, but the color tone running to which directions maybe hard to control. Also, such color deviations have to be checked in specific light source under light box.

Q: 2) Will the same color looks different under different light sources?
A: Definitely. This is quite technical. In the nature, the sun is the best light source to exhibit difference colors. Other man-made illuminations are used to replicate visual color effect of the sun, this is called color rendering. Customers / buyers / brands may have different color light sources in their product display area. Some prefer to use yellow light source (e.g. U3000) and some prefer to use white light sources (e.g. D65, CWF). These different light sources have different wavelengths and when they reflect the lights from the object, will cause different visual effect. Thus the visual effect of a color under different light source will be visually different.

Q: 3) Will color deviations be in similar level for embroidery and screen print?
A: A: Color deviation in embroidery is less than screen print as customers can choose threads with different pre-dyed colors for embroidering the logo. However, color deviation still exists when the threads are made in different dyeing lots. On the other hand, screen print color is by mixing different print material to match back to the original requested color, and combine with fabric, the final visual effect will have larger color deviations when compare with selected color standards.

Q: 4) Will there be color deviation between trims (e.g. color fabric, zipper etc.) to the body fabric color?
A: Yes. The reasons are:
1. Trims are made of different materials compared with body fabric, they have different dyeing conditions and color absorption properties. Shade difference exists in different dye lots of the trims and the fabric.
2. Trims have different weaving pattern to the body fabric, the fabric structure will cause different light reflection and thus result in visual color difference.

Q: 5) Is it possible to make bright and fluorescent color?
A: Basically yes, but it depends on how bright and fluorescent the color is. Sometimes, very bright and too fluorescent color cannot be made as there are many restrictions on fabric and dye stuff.